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    brian power-waters

    what the tsa is planning to do wih general aviation is a crime.Having a 60 mile buffer zone around dca is quite useless. At present ...[deleted information on how to penetrate the buffer zone]... It would be quite feasible for a private [deleted]

    Joe Casey

    More government control of the aviation industry is crazy in a time of financial crisis... lets put our country back on track, before we start funding new programs of questionable effectiveness.

    George Finlay

    I appreciate the effort you have put into stopping this wasteful program. My thoughts, which I will post at regulations.gov:

    A national ID card would improve overall security, while enabling potential employers to check immigration status, and perhaps help solve other problems like prompt access to personal medical history by authorized medical personnel. It would enable us to take down the airport screening stations, help make air travel more efficient, and help focus investigations on likely terrorists regardless of whether their tactics involve aircraft, or other means.

    Max Trescott

    Brian, you raised a very good point on how someone with bad intentions might penentrate the Special Flight Rules Area (formerly ADIZ) in Washington D.C. I wasn't aware of what you'd submitted. On the off chance that someone might actually try to use that idea, I deleted from your comment before posting it. While I'm not a fan of the SFRA, I certainly don't want to help any potential terrorists.

    Max Trescott

    Joe, I agree. This program makes little sense in the best of economic times. It makes no sense right now.

    George, you make a good point. I don't know all of the pros and cons of a national ID card, but it might help with the current airport security directive (different from LASP) which would require badging of pilots at every airport--but the badge would only work at your airport--which misses the point that, duh, pilots actually fly around to many airports and need access to all of them.

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