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    Nice post, Max. I'm sure you'll be FTC-free for years to come now! :)

    Jack Vandeventer

    Max, Please put Indy Exec (TYQ) on your schedule for the Apology Tour if all your date are not firm yet. We have a conference room and are also willing to open the hangar presentation deck for your segments. Please let me know if you need one or two days to make your formal apology and appropriate groveling.

    All the best and a good chuckle too.
    Regards, Jack
    J.W. Vandeventer, Ph.D., C.P.M., MCFI


    In order to aid you in your "coming clean" of past wrong doings, Sporty's can have an invoice sent for the three hotdogs, but we will need the following information to further itemize the charges:
    Type of hotdog and quantity
    Condiments used and quantity (in grams)
    Number of napkins used
    Amount of oil rental car dripped in the parking lot (will show as a credit)


    It is so nice to hear these ethics violators being outed. I commend you for being the first to "self" out. For that I believe you can put it all behind you if you return the hot dogs in whatever form they are currently in. Thanks for making me smile...

    Ron Carmichael EAA62

    Max, you forgot to mention that you got a free hot dog dinner (including chips, salad and a drink) for spending 2 hours giving a talk on safety to our EAA 62 Chapter ( not to mention the prep time and gas getting to the meeting). As a 501c3 organization, we need FULL DISCLOSURE!

    Ken Lane

    Thanks to Max and the FTC, all Sporty's hot dogs must now be charged for. How can Hal ever know when one of those beneficiaries of his hot dogs may be there on a journalistic mission? Soon, there will be an extra dollar charge per order if you wish to be entered on the sweepstakes.

    Where will the madness end?!?!?

    And Max, if you help get about six birds sold, Mooney may kick that seventh over to ya. ;-)

    Max Trescott

    Jack, I'm happy to put Indy Exec on the Apology Tour. However, I suspect your motive is to get a G1000 or WAAS seminar out of it--not to hear me apologize for anything!
    Doug, I can see why you're so successful at Sporty's. Still, I can't believe you're going to charge me for 5 month old hotdogs. The credit for the oil sounds good--except that I didn't leak any!
    Jim, Ron and Ken--I'm seeing a common theme: Max can be bought for the price of a hotdog!
    Readers: Ken's comment about the Mooney is a followup to the comment he posted on my Facebook page: "So, you'll take a Cirrus over a Mooney Type S?" I responded "I accept your offer of a Mooney--when can I expect to receive it?" Just to be clear, I promise to make full disclosure about ANY model of aircraft a manufacturer might choose to give me (end of dream sequence).

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