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    Patrick Flannigan

    I'd be skeptical of the authenticity of this "thrice forwarded" email, but even if it is a fake, the explanation sounds very reasonable.

    However, I can't quite understand how / why the crew managed to pass MSP. We are typically filed along a STAR which has a few turns and dog-legs in it. Even if I am completely engaged in some other activity (such as briefing or preparing an approach), I still take notice that the airplane is making a turn which prompts my eyes to check our position just to make sure it's supposed to be doing that...


    I am so not buying this story. While it may have come from one of the actual pilots, it was reworked heabily, and the audio and radar evidence do not match. If they are proven to be lying, hopefully the case gets turned over the the US Attorney for criminal prosecution. Careless piloting, sleeping, keyboarding in the cockpit is one thing. Lying in a safety investigation of a public carrier is another thing entirely.



    Situational awareness is not an option when flying an aircraft -- especially with paying passengers in the back. In the days before GPS (or even LORAN), I used every receiver in my panel to cross-check my position. If the posting is a "reasonable" explanation, how does a pilot in command become so detached from his duties to lose sight not just of his position, but of the *need* to know the position of the aircraft?

    It sounds as if we have some severe underlying issues with pilot attentiveness. Perhaps this new breed of aviators would prefer that folks on the ground control their aircraft?

    Richard Cole and Tim Cheney have performed a disservice to professional pilots.

    Tom Stephens

    What an incredible twist. What sent up the big red flag was the fact that two, not one, but two C&C authorities made major mistakes. The cockpit crew and the ATC Denver crew. I'm very reluctant to believe this story without further investigation.


    This story sounds like BS. Even if they were on the wrong frequency they should have noticed something was wrong when ATC was calling itself Winnepeg Center rather than Denver Center. Also, how do they explain away the fact that company was trying to reach them on a descreet frequency? Also, there is no such thing as a NASAP Report, it's a NASA Form. These guys fell asleep and the FAA was right to revoke their certs.


    Conrad, there is a NASAP report. At Northwest/Delta it's used to file reports if something safety-related happens during the flight.


    I for one DO NOT BELIEVE this BS story is just that total BS and I do believe that their certs should have been pulled and if it is found out that they are lying the govt. should THROW the BOOK at them and not let this get swept under the carpet. Just my .02 worth.....

    Buffalo Bob

    Read it for yourself:

    FAA Charges


    NWA188 Crew Response to FAA Charges


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