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    Colin Summers

    What are the rules for where you can land? Anywhere there's enough water?

    Max Trescott

    Colin, the main rule is that you need permission. The Seaplane Pilots Association publishes a directory which identifies many bodies of water and whether or not pilots are allowed to land on them. But they don't cover all bodies of water. So savvy seaplane pilots phone ahead to let whomever controls a particular body of water know in advance that they're planning to operate on it.

    Andrew Wyatt


    I don't have my delta map with me, but that looked like the North Victoria canal east of Byron. I don't remember the pump station though from the last time I was there in a boat. It's a popular waterski canal during the summer because it's straight.

    Jason Schappert

    That is awesome Max!

    Another great post!

    My first seaplane experience was actually in a Gruman Goose of all aircraft! I consider myself lucky to even fly in one.

    A buddy of mine has an L-4 Lake i'm dying to catch a ride in!


    kelly p couch

    great video max...i also owned a lake amphib for 10 yrs or so...2 flights to bc/ak..wonderful..currently enjoying a husky on amphib floats..a lot easier to dock..lol kpc

    John Wrycza

    China's Seagull 300
    looks JUST LIKE A LAKE
    6 passengers? most likely 6 cylinders - design > production 1yr available 2011.. wow



    A number of years ago the local FBO was going to become a Lake LA-4 dealer. They gave me a demo in the airplane on Gull Lake near Battle Creek and it was great fun.

    A bit later they took the aircraft North to demo to a prospect after doing some to&ls at Gull Lake. Water got into the fuselage and froze around the control lines when the pilot got to Northern Michigan, but luckily he was able to return far enough South that the ice melted and he could land safely.

    Just goes to prove you never know what can go wrong, and what a cool, calm and collected head can accomplish!

    Max Trescott

    JetAviator7, nice to hear from you again. The story about the frozen controls is probably one of the best arguments for aircraft type clubs like the Lake Flyers Club. I joined about 6 months before I bought my plane and the frozen controls issue is one that I read about when going through the old newsletters. That is just one of dozens of possible gotchas with the Lake. Had I not joined the Club, I wouldn't have known about it until you just posted your story. So much to learn, but well worth it to avoid being surprised by these kinds of issues.


    Superb! Any time you want someone to split the gas, Max - or better yet you can give me a lesson and I can pay for the whole shebang! - I'll meet you at C83 or I'll drive or fly over to PAO! I've got the SES ticket and a whopping 11 hrs in a Maule M-7. But it's a long way to anywhere else that has amphibs or floats.

    You're probably too busy to do any instructing in your Lake, but if you ever free up the time, I'm right across the Bay....


    The lake is probably one of the coolest aircraft out there, but as for my desire to own, I think I'd prefer one of those funny-looking Sea Bees...they have a sort of ugly charm all their own.

    Have a blast out there!

    Peter F. Hartmann

    RIVER RANCH - "be there or be square".....

    Hi Max !


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