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    Did Honeywell actually acknowledge this problem or is the phrase "they may send out an update to owners in the future" just speculation? I ask because the company failed to respond at all to my repeated inquiries on the disappearance of the depiction of the DC SFRA boundary from the KLN-94

    Max Trescott

    I heard there was successful contact with both Honeywell and Jepp. I recall that one said they would send out an update, but I didn't recall which one (I think it was Honeywell). Since I wasn't 100% positive about that point, I worded it the way I did.


    Cool, thanks.

    Jim McCord

    Max - this is really important information to get out! Thanks for sharing it. We've got a KLN94 Cessna on the line in Santa Rosa and I've done training in it to APC (although not since APC got WAAS, so it's been a while). I think this is so important, have you thought about writing a SPANS notice for pilots? Or an article for FAA Safety Briefing?

    John White


    Thanks for the heads-up on this. I have been flying an aircraft with the KLN94 and did not realize this.

    Great Post!


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