> AirVenture 2008 at Oshkosh

Boeing Dreamlifter
Max and Paul
L3 SmartDeck glass cockpit
SR22 with L3 SmartDeck glass cockpit
Virginia is for...
FAA Administrator Sturgell and Hocker
Goodyear Blimp
Max and Alan Klapmeier
Ask the Administrator
Blogger Rob Mark "Asks the Adminstrator"
General Aviation Awards Luncheon
AirShow starts
View from the tower
Inside the tower
View from the tower looking West
Aeroshell Plaza from the tower
Airshow from the tower
FAA Safety team member
What's ironic about this photo?
F22 Raptor bomb bay doors open
Visible vapor condensing on the F22
P51 Mustang and F22 Raptor
Meeting of Digerati?
Old and New
2008 National CFI of the Year
Helicopter ride
Vanity plates?
400 Feet MSL
Camp Scholler
Over Camp Scholler looking North
Looking East Southeast
The main exhibit area
North parking
Just a few cars...
On short Final
KC-10 tanker
Inside the V22 Osprey
V22 Osprey
Lt. Dan Band
Oshkosh at Night
New Oshkosh Control tower
EAA advertising
Cirrus Vision Jet
Women In Aviation
Ford Trimotor Cockpit
Ford Trimotor
Ford Trimotor takeoff