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PiperSport Panel

PiperSport Panel

Vero Beach, FL

The PiperSport will ship in three versions. All include a Dynon D100 PFD, Garmin GPSMAP 495 GPS and a standby airspeed indicator and altimeter. The PiperSport LT adds a second Dynon display for engine monitoring. The PiperSport LTD upgrades the Garmin SL40 Com radio to a SL30 Nav/Com and includes a Dynon autopilot. For $3000, a Garmin 695 GPS can be substituted for the 495. Neither GPS model support XM Weather, though my guess is Piper will at some point offer a GPS that supports XM weather. The SL30 adds NAV radio capability that enables it to fly VOR, localizer, and ILS approaches. It cannot be used for GPS approaches since it lacks an IFR-certified GPS. Flight schools could use the LTD as a low-cost instrument trainer.